How it Works

Our Simple 5-Day Rental Service

Step 1: You may choose your accessories online or in our showroom.

Step 2: Online orders will be reviewed and we will call you to confirm all shipping arrangements.

Step 3: Receive your accessories 2 days before your wedding date.

Step 4: Look fabulous on your big day!

Step 5: Place the accessories back in the shipping box (no need to clean them!) and we’ll have them picked up 2 days after the wedding.

Frequently Asked

Q. What happens if some wear and tear occurs while the items are in my possession?
A. The rental price includes the cleaning of minor stains and minor repair (for example: falling pearls or rhinestones). The only case where you’d be charged is if an exceptional level of damage or staining occurs. In that case, we charge the extra cost of cleaning or repairing. In case of non-reparable damage or of loss of an item, the balance amount between the rental price and the purchase price will be charged.

Q. Can I place an order if I am not yet sure about the address to which I want my accessories shipped?
A. Yes. You can confirm the delivery and pick up addresses later on, and you may also decide to pick up and return items yourself.

Q. Do I have to leave a security deposit while the items are in my possession?
A. Yes, a security deposit preauthorization will be activated on your credit card while the items are in your possession. But no worries – regular cleaning and repair is included in the price of the rental. We will only use the security deposit in case of excessive damage, late returns or missing items. The preauthorized amount will be equal to the rental invoice’s total. The preauthorized amount will be released back to you two days after we’ve received your items.

Q. What would happen if I don’t return the items on time?
A. It is of great importance to return your items according to the agreed schedule because they are needed by the next bride who reserved them. For this reason,the dates are strict and if you don’t return the item on time, late fees of 50% of the invoice’s total, per day, would be charged to your card.

Q. Can I cancel my reservation?
A. Yes you can cancel at any time, but if you cancel less than 14 days before the wedding, we will have to charge a 30% cancellation fee.