Ariana Crystal Hair Pins (Set of 2)

Rent for: $ 50.00

These elegant Ariana Hair Pins come in a set of two. Also available in either all clear crystals or in a combination of opals and clear crystals. This asymmetrical floral design shimmers from all angles! It’s versatile, lightweight and can be styled to create your own, unique hair style!

** Hair pins come in a set of 2

Colors Available:
– All clear crystals / Silver
– Mix of opals and clear crystals / Silver

Measurements: 3.5 x 2 inches

Designer: Dareth Colburn

Product Origin: Made in the USA


Product Details

Headpiece Style

Hair Pins

Jewelry Material




Are the rental accessories in excellent condition?

Yes, we renew our rental collection constantly to make sure that the items always look like new.

Do you clean and sanitize accessories between clients?

Yes, all rental items are professionally cleaned and sanitized between clients.

Do you have multiple quantities of the same item in your rental inventory?

Yes, we do and we increase the quantity if necessary. For this reason, you will typically not be affected by other customers having rented the same item as you.

Is it possible to see fabric swatches to confirm my veil's color?

Yes, we provide fabric swatches for $6.50

When do I receive my rented accessories?

A rental is typically scheduled to arrive on the Tuesday prior to the wedding and to be picked up on the Monday following after the wedding. This arrangement may be adjusted to accomodate you or to accomodate holiday schedules.

Is there any risk that my rental arrives late?

We drastically reduce the risk of late arrivals by scheduling shipping according to your location so that it arrives multiple days ahead of your wedding no matter where you're located. More importantly, this buffer period is designed to protect you if a delivery problem occurs. Among other options, this period allows us to send you another package with overnight service if needed.

What happens if some wear and tear occurs while the items are in my possession?

The rental price covers the costs of basic cleaning and minor repairs (for example: falling pearls or rhinestones). The only case where you would be charged is if an exceptional level of damage or staining occurs. In that case, you would be presented with two options: (i) to pay for the cost of cleaning/repairing or (ii) to keep and purchase the item at a 25% discount to the item's regular purchase price (of course, you will be credited the amount already paid for the rental).

Do I have to leave a security deposit while the items are in my possession?

Yes, a security deposit pre-authorization will be activated on your credit card while the items are in your possession. The pre-authorized amount will be equal to the item's purchase price less the rental price. This pre-authorization will only be used in case of excessive damage or missing items. Under normal circumstances, it will be released back to you two days after we’ve received your items.

Can I place an order if I am not yet sure about the address to which I want my accessories shipped?

Yes, you may confirm the delivery and pick up addresses later on. Also, you may pick up the accessories in person at our showroom.

Can I cancel my rental reservation?

Yes, you may cancel your reservation within 14 days to obtain a full refund. After that period, you will be refunded 50% of your invoice total.

As my wedding date approaches, will you contact me to re-confirm all arrangements?

Within 48 hours of the online booking, we will call you to review your order. Ten days prior to your wedding, we will call you again to confirm all shipping arrangements. Of course, you may also contact us at any time with any questions.

What if I would like to keep (and purchase) a rented item after my wedding?

You may only keep an item with our approval, which you must obtain prior to the end of your rental period. Otherwise, we are expecting the items to be returned into our inventory.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Interac e-Transfer.